24.12.2018: The Green Affordable Housing Initiative

Don Construction Products-Jordan washonored to contribute in “The Green Affordable Housing Initiative” that aims tocreate a green and adequate housing for several low income communities inJordan.For the last a few weeks, DCPJordan donated several of our high quality products to renovate and upgrade theexisting conditions of one house at Dulail town in order to create a healthierenvironmental quality for the occupants and provide a pleasant attractiveexterior finishing for the house. This was... See more

17.10.2018: DCP Participates in the Khtwati Initiative in Jordan

During the past month, DCP has been honored to be involvedin the voluntary community project the Khtwati Initiative, a social initiativethat aims at improving and up-lifting the educational and learning environmentat the public schools of Jordan. It was initiated jointly by parliament memberMr. Khamees Atieh in cooperation with Senate Mrs. Haifa Al Najjar and adoptedby a group of experts and activists who are concerned about educational issuesand have high sensitivity towards schools’ essential... See more

22.10.2015: Construction Materials, Implementation Flaws and Engineering Solutions

DCP Jordan in association with the Division of Civil Engineering, Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) has organized a workshop entitled “Construction Materials, Implementation Flaws and Engineering Solutions” by raising the awareness as well as the quality standards of the wide range of construction chemicals products manufactured by DCP in every stage in the project starting from the sub-structural until the external and internal finishing works.One of the main objectives of this workshop is to... See more

11.04.2017: DCP Holds Seminar in Amman Introducing Its Newest Product “AquaSure”

Ayla Construction Chemicals (DCP Jordan) hosted a seminar and dinner at the Kempinski Hotel in Amman, Jordan, on Tuesday 11/4/2017, to introduce our newest waterproofing product “AquaSure.”Over 200 people attended the event, representing government bodies, engineering consulting offices, contracting companies, waterproofing applicators and attendees from the retail market making the seminar a great success.Waterproofing structures is critical to ensuring their longevity and durability because... See more

15.12.2016: DCP Wins Second Place for Best Local Product in Jordan’s Chemical Industry

On Thursday 15/12/2016, under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, the Jordan Engineers Association’s (JEA) Chemical Engineering Division held a competition for Jordan’s best chemical products. Many chemical products companies, including Don Construction Products (DCP), from various sectors participated in the competition and submitted their best products for recognition. The selection criteria included efficiency and quality standards, competitive standards and... See more
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